How RHF Works?

Heritage Food

RHF share famous, cultural and heritage food that changes its taste and cooking style due to regional variations. As every place has its own name for some specific food items, RHF will help you to know about it. Also, through this site, you will discover varieties of dishes from breakfast to lunch and from snacks to desserts, as well as you will find the amazing recipes to prepare your food with ease and taste.

Food points at a new place

Whenever you go to a new place and decide to have a dish, a few things are there that help you to choose from a range of food items.

  • What belongs to culture/traditions of that area?
  • Which is the famous name for food there?
  • What the review says most commonly?

RHF discovers food points that deliver unique taste through their inherited family recipes. It explores the quality of food and taste by the experience of foodies. You will have the information where and which food spot will be suitable for you. And if you don’t know about the famous heritage food of the area you are visiting, RHF will guide you. RHF takes the following aspects into consideration.

The benchmark for selecting food point is

  1. At least five-year-old food point.
  2. The quality remains same since starting of business.
  3. The taste is different and have traditional touch.

Travelers usually search and have their homework done for major attractions of a new place along with the famous food spots. The important aspects while looking for a good food point in an area that you are not familiar with, are as follow (considered with attention by RHF).

  1. It’s the actual or main food spot, not a franchise.
  2. People have to wait for their turn there.
  3. The food vanishes within hours.
  4. The food belongs to heritage food.

Highway Food

RHF helps you to find good highway food points where you can enjoy the delicious food while travelling. Read the reviewers’ comments that help you to plan your travel breaks. You don’t have to pack the meal from home or wait for reaching at your destination anymore. Because through RHF, you can explore the best food spots that will come on your way to the destination. Following aspects contribute in highway food and RHF sheds light on them.

  • The quality of the food remains same since starting of business.
  • The maintenance of hygienic conditions.
  • Chef is running the business by himself/herself.
  • The sitting arrangement is available for individual and families.

Regional Host

RHF develops a bridge between foodies and regional hosts who love home based food. Take a tour of our regional host profile and choose the dish that you like. Read the reviewers’ comments who enjoyed the hospitality and their experience. RHF provides the insight of regional hosts for making your travel and food experience even better. For this, following aspects are considered by RHF.

  • The Host submitted the application for verification.
  • Verified and validate host become our partners.
  • They serve at least one heritage food on a regular basis.
  • They maintain the hygienic conditions.
  • They served and supply the food with ease.
  • The bench mark for selection of Regional Host is the number of “Likes” on Facebook page.

Travel Places

RHF helps you to explore the best food, travelling and shopping spots at tourist places. You are new to an area and really don’t know where to go, RHF is here to tell you. RHF considers the travel places and points that fall under following categories

  • Art / culture/ heritage/ archaeological
  • kids or adult activities (fun, Sports)
  • Festival and shopping
  • Family holiday
  • Adventure and road trip
  • wildlife and nature

Chef Corner

RHF sharse the top chefs’ recipes and their profile so that you can explore various tips and recipes and compare the differences in their style of cooking. In addition to that, you can explore many tasty recipes to cook your meal on your own. For this, RHF shares the authentic information by considering the following aspects.

The benchmark for selecting chef corner

  • Share original and authentic recipes.
  • Manage and run YouTube channel
  • Subscribers should be more than two hundred thousand.

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