How RHF Started?

It becomes difficult for the travelers or even locals to find the major attractions and heritage food of a place that they are going to visit. Especially when neither their host, nor they themselves, know much about the regional food. The issue becomes more pinching in metropolitan cities where there are a number of fast-food points, and it’s difficult to find traditional heritage food. Even visiting food street doesn’t seem much helping with zero familiarity of actual good meal. From originality and quality to taste and good reviews, there are multiple aspects that you need to consider while searching for a good heritage food. The idea of RHF is based on personal experience of a traveler while deciding to choose the food and food point in those cities or areas which he visits for the very first time. So here comes Irfan Chaudhary who came forward with the urge of making people familiar with some authentic information related to food spots, especially for the travelers to make their traveling experience more fascinating than ever before.

How the concept of RHF was developed?

Mr. Chaudhary who presented the idea of RHF, is fond of traveling to different places all across Pakistan. Being a person who is fond of good heritage food, he always searches for different food spots to enjoy the meal and meet different people. Going to famous heritage food spots by himself, he explored various cultures and got to know about their traditions. Diversity in cultures introduced him with the hidden beauty of Pakistan. He believes that traveling expands a person’s vision and sharing a good food point helps travelers as well as natives to experience authentic taste and unique recipes. So, he always shares his experience of food and travelling places with family and friends.

One other interesting aspect that Mr. Chaudhary focused on was ‘highway’ food. As the name suggests, it’s about satisfying the taste buds of a foody traveler by exploring some delicious food and good food spots while they are on their way. Just like when you are traveling on a long route with no real population around, that’s where you need the information of highway food badly. Bringing a lot more to your table, RHF aims to provide every bit of knowledge for you to never miss the chance of visiting a good place with authentic and delicious heritage food. Furthermore, Mr. Chaudhary decided to expand the vision and make this platform a hub of information for various concerns. So, from tasty heritage food and know-how of regional travelling places to common health aspects and some authentic recipes of food by famous chefs, you will get all details here.


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