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About - Lajawab Dahi Bhale

Lajwab Dahi Bhale is located in Rawalpindi Bhabra Bazar.  The name of Owner is Sohail Khan. He is from Rawalpindi. His Parents were migrated from Hindustan.  His father started this business in Pakistan by selling Pakoras and Dahi Bhalle in a cart. But now he has a proper platform. His father Started 59 years from Saddar, Rawalpindi.

Heritage Food

They serve

  • Dahi Bhaley
  • Fruit chaat
  • Chana Chat

RHF Suggestion

According to RHF, the taste of their special food Dahi Bhalley is fantastic because of their food method and quality.

Quality of Food

Lajawab dahi Bhaly is famous because of it is operating for decades. Also, it is famous because of the oldest bhabhra Bazar that is a tourist attraction for many.

Taste of the Food

Their taste is unique and quite good because they make all stuff by their self that makes it different taste from others.

Treatment of Service

Their service is quick and good.

Atmosphere of the Food Point

This food shop provides food along roadside and seating arrangements are also along roadside.

Family Seating

They provide food on cars and also have Dine in facility for youngsters.

Location and Accessibility of the Food Point

This food shop is located in the Bhabra Bazar Rd, Mohalla Waris Khan, Shan Chan Chiragh, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Time of the Food

They work from 11 am to 11 pm. 

Other Facilities

Traditional Food: Bhale, Chat , On Highway: , Highway/Road: , Main Floor: , Floors: , No. of Halls: , Maximum Seating: , Family Seating: , Indoor Sitting: , OutDoor Sitting: , Ladies Washroom: , Gents Washroom: , Car Parking: , AC Hall: , Takeaway Service: , Home Delivery: , Order on Call: , Pray Area: , Status: Open

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