Malik Allah Wasaya Fish Restaurant

About - Malik Allah Wasaya Fish Restaurant

Malik Allah Wasaya Fish Restaurant is famous restaurant in Multan. They serve best fish; their taste and quality of food is good. They don’t compromise on food quality.

Heritage Food

They serve

  • All Type of Fish

RHF Suggestion

According to RHF viewpoint, their specialty is in Fish. Their Fish has different desi taste from rest of the region. 

Quality of Food

The quality of their food is Best and serve fresh food and they prepare food on order.

Taste of the Food

All dishes are Delicious and Tasty Desi food at reasonable cost, every time you go, you will have same enjoyable taste and standard.

Atmosphere of Food Point

Ambiance of food is good; they serve all customers within time to avoid from crowd and rush.

Treatment of Service

Their Service is too good, and their staff is also Alluring.

Family Seating

They have small sitting arrangements for families.

Location and Food Accessibility

This food point is located in Multan, Khoni, Burj.

Time of the Food

The time of the food spot is from 4.00PM to 11.00PM.

Other Facilities

Traditional Food: Fried Fish , On Highway: , Highway/Road: , Main Floor: , Floors: , No. of Halls: , Maximum Seating: , Family Seating: , Indoor Sitting: , OutDoor Sitting: , Ladies Washroom: , Gents Washroom: , Car Parking: , AC Hall: , Takeaway Service: , Home Delivery: , Order on Call: , Pray Area: , Status: Open

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