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Meta Description: Craving a flavourful and spicy delight? Enjoy mouth-watering Nisar Charsi Tikka, its origin, ingredients, and more in this guide.


This is the absolute best Shinwari in the world. It's famous for a reason and the reason is very simply the taste. The place itself is very basic and usually quite crowded too. The atmosphere at Nisar Charsi tikka was buzzing with excitement and laughter as locals and visitors alike gathered together, all eager to embark on a culinary journey like no other. Let's start with the food that Charsi tikka Peshawar has to offer.

Nisar Charsi tikka Peshawar is currently serving following traditional foods;

  • Chicken karahi
  • Mutton karahi
  • Dumba
  • Malae boti
  • Beef tikka
  • Beef kabab
  • Champ

RHF Choice

RHF suggests that Nisar Charsi tikka has to offer the best Tikka. This might sound cliche but trust us we said what we meant. We believe that it is one of Peshawar best restaurants or food points because they use salt and other spices in the food according to the requirements of their customers.

Quality of Food

The quality at Nisar Charsi tikka is at its best. Their famous dish is Tikka, the user only the best meat in tikka and most self-supervised by the owner.

Taste of the food

The food taste at Nisar Charsi tikka Peshawar is Highly Admirable.

Treatment of Service

The service at Nisar Charsi tikka is Quick as I order fresh lemon soda which was served within no time.

The atmosphere of the Food Point

The atmosphere is good, and they keep their environment neat and clean which is noticeable just by entering the embellishment.

Family Seating

Nisar Charsi Tikka have dine-in and take-out facilities for their customers and also have separate arrangements for families.

Location and Accessibility of Food Point

This best Peshawar Charsi tikka is located in Shop No 40، Shah Qabool colony Namak Mandi, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 25000, Pakistan.

Time of the Food

The serving time is between 11.00 AM to 11.00 PM.

Other Facilities

Traditional Food: Mutton Karahi , On Highway: , Highway/Road: , Main Floor: , Floors: , No. of Halls: , Maximum Seating: , Family Seating: , Indoor Sitting: , OutDoor Sitting: , Ladies Washroom: , Gents Washroom: , Car Parking: , AC Hall: , Takeaway Service: , Home Delivery: , Order on Call: , Pray Area: , Status: Open

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