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These days, diabetes is one of the most common and serious health issues. However, apart from medicine, one of the best ways to cope this is to opt for balanced diabetic diet. Dinner Recipes for Diabetic is a balanced, calorie- and fat-free eating regimen that is naturally high in nutrients. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are essential components. In actuality, diabetic recipes for breakfast lunch and dinner are the healthiest diet for the majority of people. Just keeping to regular mealtimes and consuming the healthiest foods in moderation constitutes a diabetes diet.

Eating three meals a day at regular intervals is the foundation of a diabetes diet. This improves how well you use the insulin your body makes or receives from a medicine. You can look for dinner recipes for diabetic to create a diet based on your health objectives, preferences, and lifestyle with the assistance of a trained dietitian. Also, he or she can advise you on how to change your eating patterns, such as by picking portions that are appropriate for your size and level of activity ( see: Mayo Clinic).

Asian diabetic recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner promote a healthy dietary regimen centered on an abundance of vegetables and legumes (such as chickpeas, lentils, low-salt baked beans and kidney beans). These nutrient-rich ingredients provide essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber while keeping the glycemic index low. By including a variety of vegetables and legumes in your meals, you can stabilize blood sugar levels and support overall health.

For a healthier meal plan suitable for individuals with diabetes, it's important to include lean protein sources like chicken or fish, low-fat dairy products, and high-fiber, low-glycemic index carbs such as whole grains and fruits. Avoid foods high in salt, added sugars, and unhealthy saturated fats. To give you some ideas, here are some nutritious and delicious dinner recipes specifically designed for individuals with diabetes.

1. Baked chicken breast with Onion Recipe by Jezie Joy

This Indian diabetic recipes for breakfast lunch and dinner are quite basic and straightforward. It is a nutritious and healthy recipe for those with diabetes.


  • Chicken breast
  • Fried Onion
  • Oil as needed
  • Potatoes= 2
  • Mix vegetables as needed
  • Consommé mixture


  • Take chicken breast put pierces on it.
  • Apply oil on it, then spread crushed onion.
  • Take potatoes, cut it into two pieces.
  • Wrap it with foil paper and cook for 45 minutes.

  • For mix vegetables, she used consommé artificially chicken flavoured soup and seasoning mix.
  • Take a pan, bring water to boil, add consommé in it and mix it properly.
  • Then add mix vegetables in it, then let it boil.
  • Chicken breast is ready.
  • Mix with vegetables and serve. 
    This is one of the best Indian diabetic recipes for dinner that you can try without a doubt.


2. Healthy Oats recipe for dinner by Skinny Recipes

Here's another dinner recipe suitable for individuals with diabetes: an oats recipe. This healthy dish is not only beneficial for weight loss and weight management but also suitable for those with thyroid issues, PCOS, and following a diabetic diet. It provides a nutritious option that supports overall health and helps manage blood sugar levels effectively.


  • Oats= 1 cup
  • Water=2 ½ cup
  • Salt as needed.

    For tadka:

  • Oil= 1 tbsp
  • Cumin seeds= 1 tbsp
  • Mustard seeds=1/2 tsp
  • Asafoetida= ½ tsp
  • Red chilli= 3,4
  • Urad daal= 1 tsp
  • Peanuts= 2, 3 tbsp
  • Curry leaves
  • Turmeric powder= 1 tsp
  • Black pepper powder=1 tsp


  • Take oats in bowl, washed properly and soak for 5-6 Hours.
  • In skillet, pour water and bring to boil, then add salt and strained oats in it. 
  • Put lid on it. Cook it for 20 minutes. Stir it and cook until water gets dry.


For tadka:

  • Put skillet on stove, add oil in it, add cumin seeds, asafoetida, turmeric powder, rad daal, peanuts, black pepper powder and roasted well.
  • Put tadka in oats and mix well. Put lid on it and cook thoroughly.
  • Serve it.
  • This is one of those diabetic recipes for dinner that isn’t just easy to be made but taste great.

3. Foxtail millet Dosa by Udupi Recipes


If you're searching for great dinner recipes for individuals with diabetes, then this recipe is perfect for you. Foxtail millet dosa is a simple and easy recipe designed specifically for diabetic patients. It combines millets, rice, and dal to create a healthy dosa option. The addition of foxtail millet increases its nutrient density while still maintaining a delicious taste. Give this recipe a try for a nutritious and enjoyable meal.


  • Foxtail millet= 1 cup
  • Water as needed.
  • Coconut= ½ cup
  • Green Chilli= 1
  • Cumin seeds= ½ tbsp
  • Salt= ¾ tbsp
  • Oil= 2 tbsp


  • In cup, pour foxtail millet, add water and mix it properly and soak for 2 hours.
  • Then drain water from mixture and transfer it to grinder.
  • Add coconut, green chilli, cumin seeds, salt and grind it well until you get a fine mixture.
  • Taka tawa, apply oil on it, then put batter ladleful, spread thinly. Spread some more oil on it.
  • Cook in medium flame, then remove from griddle.
  • Serve it with coconut chutney, and sambar.
  • These Indian / Asian diabetic recipes for dinner will sure help you to cook the best meals for diabetic individuals so they can fulfill their nutrition.


Comparison Of Three Dinner Recipes for Diabetic Individuals.

The first most watched recipe is by Jezie joy called chicken breast with mix vegetables. It is simple and healthy recipe of diabetes. Chicken is a great food for diabetics who want to maintain a healthy weight and stay full for longer because it is high in minerals, protein, and low in calories. Many dinner recipes for diabetic diabetics offer a more nutrition and offer protein. Because chicken is so high in protein, it makes for a perfect diabetes diet.

The second recipe is by the Skinny Recipe which has 271k views. This oats recipe is healthy, oats basically, due to their potential to decrease blood sugar and cholesterol, healthy grains like oats may be advantageous for persons with type 2 diabetes. Also, the soluble fibre in oats may support your efforts to control your weight and blood sugar levels (Everyday Health).

The third recipe is by Foxtail millet Dosa by Udupi Recipes. Foxtail millet is healthy and instant recipe. Increased foxtail millet consumption may be advantageous for those with type 2 diabetes mellitus because it was shown to improve glycaemic control. Diabetes is a condition in which the body either produces insufficient insulin or uses it inefficiently.

If you are looking for diabetic recipes for breakfast lunch and dinner, then these recipes should be your preference. According to RHF Suggestion, these three recipes are best recipes and healthy for diabetes. Maintaining a healthy blood sugar level while also controlling your blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight are all goals of diabetes treatment. So must try these recipes. These dinner recipes for diabetic should be in your list. 

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