Authentic Pashtun Cuisine at Shinwari Restaurant in Islamabad


Meta Description: Discover authentic Pashtun cuisine at Shinwari restaurant in Islamabad. Enjoy the best culinary journey and environment in Islamabad.

Shinwari Restaurants in Islamabad


While finding the right shinwari restaurant in Islamabad shouldn’t be problem it can be for those visiting capital territory. Islamabad has its own unique dishes that are popular among locals and visitors. Some examples include "Savour Foods' Chicken Karahi," "Gol Gappay" (a popular street snack), "Chapli Kebabs" (a specialty from the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region), and "Haleem" (a slow-cooked meat and lentil stew). These local delicacies are widely enjoyed and contribute to Islamabad's culinary fame.  The city is known for its vibrant food streets, where a wide variety of food stalls and vendors offer a diverse range of cuisines. These food streets are popular among locals and tourists alike, providing a bustling and lively atmosphere for food enthusiasts. However, it is the Pashtun culture in Pakistan that should be enjoyed in the most authentic way possible because of its surrounding. This is where a best shinwari restaurant in Islamabad can do a great flavor.

Islamabad's diverse population and international presence have led to a fusion of different culinary traditions. You can find a wide range of cuisines in the city, including Pakistani, Indian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, and Continental. This blend of flavours and styles adds to the food scene's appeal and attracts people with different taste preferences.

Islamabad boasts a growing number of fine dining restaurants that offer high-quality cuisine and provide an elevated dining experience. These establishments often serve a variety of dishes, including traditional Pakistani cuisine, international fare, and innovative fusion dishes. The presence of these upscale restaurants adds to Islamabad's reputation as a food destination. If you want unique flavours and environment, then a shinwari restaurant in Islamabad should be your spot. And this why, today we are exploring the top shinwari restaurants in Islamabad. If you are foodie and want to travel Islamabad, these Shinwari restaurants are must.


- Shinwari Restaurant

- Sufi Shinwari Restaurant

- Shinwari Night Restaurant

- Khyber Shinwari Restaurant



One of the oldest restaurants in Peshawar Morr market, G-9 Islamabad. The owner manages it himself and takes care of every matter personally. Quality and quantity are guaranteed for sure. 

Why RHF Like It?

There are numerous reasons why we consider this Shinwari restaurant in Islamabad to be exceptional. The restaurant takes pride in using premium, seasonal ingredients in all its dishes. Shinwari ensures the quality of its components to give a great eating experience, from soft meat cuts to aromatic spices.

Shinwari is famed for its barbecue and karahi. The eatery serves a selection of delectable kebabs, including chicken tikka, seekh kebabs, and boti kebabs, all of which are expertly prepared. Shinwari is undoubtedly one of the best shinwari restaurants in Islamabad for its authentic Pashtun taste. You may choose from a variety of dishes to sate your hunger if you enjoy grilled meats with flavourful marinades and smoky flavours. However, one has to manage parking because it's a crowded place even in off hours.



Sufi Shinwari Restaurant is located in Islamabad and another best shinwari restaurant in Islamabad. They are offering one of the best Karahi in and many other traditional foods which are the best quality. People from all around must visit this place. They have good ambiance and good seating arrangements. Sufi Shinwari Restaurant is a well-known eatery in Islamabad, Pakistan, and has gained fame for several reasons. Here's why you should consider visiting Sufi Shinwari Restaurant. 

Why RHF Like It?

Sufi Shinwari specializes in serving authentic Pashtun cuisine, particularly dishes inspired by the Shinwari tribe of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region. This shinwari restaurant Islamabad menu offers a range of delectable dishes such as Shinwari karahi, grilled meats, kebabs, and traditional rice preparations. If you're interested in experiencing the flavours and culinary traditions of the Pashtun culture, Sufi Shinwari is a must-visit.

The restaurant prides itself on using high-quality and fresh ingredients in its preparations. From tender meat cuts to aromatic spices, Sufi Shinwari aims to deliver a memorable dining experience by ensuring the quality of its ingredients.

The restaurant embraces a rustic ambiance that reflects the cultural heritage of the Pashtun region. The decor and seating arrangements create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that adds to the overall dining experience.

Sufi Shinwari provides a glimpse into Pashtun culture, making it one of the shinwari restaurants in Islamabad. The staff members are often dressed in traditional attire, and live music performances featuring Pashto songs and dance can be enjoyed on special occasions. This cultural touch enhances the dining experience and makes it memorable.



Shinwari Night is located at T Chowk Rawat. Another shinwari restaurant in Islamabad, serves many traditional Dishes with super quality and taste. Chicken karahi is indeed a popular dish in Islamabad, as well as throughout Pakistan. While it is difficult to pinpoint the exact reason why chicken karahi specifically became famous in Islamabad, there are several factors that makes it one of the best shinwari restaurants in Islamabad and contribute to its popularity. 

Why RHF Like It?

The ambiance of their food is good, people love to visit this place. Islamabad has numerous restaurants, ranging from local eateries to upscale dining establishments, that serve chicken karahi. Many of these restaurants specialize in traditional Pakistani cuisine and feature karahi as one of their signature dishes. The availability of delicious chicken karahi in various settings has contributed to its fame in the city.



Khyber Shinwari is the best shinwari restaurant in Islamabad. For those looking for a place to enjoy Peshawari foods and Khyber Shinwari, this is the spot for you. This shinwari restaurant Islamabad menu offers tastiest shinwari that is so delicious and authentic in its recipe, crafting and service. It is located in G9/4 Islamabad. They serve a variety of traditional dishes and one of the famous foods of this branch is Ghost Fried Lamb mutton. It is delicious and has the best taste.


Why RHF Like It?

Khyber Shinwari Restaurant has gained a strong reputation in Islamabad for its quality food and authentic Pashtun flavours. It has become a favourite spot among locals and tourists alike. You can find this shinwari restaurant Islamabad with most positive reviews and recommendations from visitors who have appreciated their dining experience.



If you are a foodie traveling to Islamabad and looking for some of the best traditional food experiences in the city, then look no further! In this post, we have explored the top shinwari restaurants in Islamabad that are serving up some of the most delicious karahi, mutton, kabab, and other dishes as well that you won't want to miss. Must visit these places and have fun.

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